Blogs-emails-activism on grand solar minimum & glacial cycle stage related risks (i.e., cooling-glaciation, big volcanic eruptions, zoonosis-pandemics by mutating RNA viruses) & its’ hazards linked to UN-IPCC-WHO global strategies (i.e., climate change, pandemic influenza, & covid19) enabled by data fabrication (PCR, GMST°C), which portend 21st century genocide.

New Zealand Public Safety Placed At Risk

From: Subject: Follow up: email sent to the Prime Minister, Deputy PM, and the Climate Change and Health Ministers Date: July 17, 2019 at 9:08:26 PM GMT+12 To:,,...

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Club of Rome Climate Emergency Plan is Flawed

Image first published on Twitter in Q1-2019 Dear Club of Rome members (copying World Media) As the reputed strategic and intellectual guardians against existential threats to our global society, and before developing your Climate Emergency Plan, did you critically...

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The IPCC dismissed catastrophic natural climate change risks

The IPCC dismissed or omitted natural climate change risks from its key risk assessment provided to governments; disclosed its highly inaccurate climate forecasts spanning 30 years; changed the ice age boundaries without peer review scrutiny of its erroneous assumptions; and disclosed our limited proven oil and gas reserves.

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Ice Age Re-Entry


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