Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s global warming lies contradict the 2019 data

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Subject: Request for Investigation: the UN/IPCC’s corruption of climate science results in Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern lying to the public

Dear Prime Minister, Ministers and Associate Ministers of Education, Justice and Broadcasting/Communications/Media, the Attorney General, and Universities New Zealand Vice-Chancellors

Would you please investigate the corruption of normal-science in the climate science field (“corruption”) by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (“IPCC”), and its impact on New Zealand academia and student miseducation, on government policies and media, and on future human safety? With Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern blatantly lying in contradiction to the 2019 climate data (“lie”), “We’re here because our world is warming. Undeniably it is warming,” it is clear this corruption has undermined government objectivity. Between early 2016 and mid-2019 global temperatures declined 0.47°C, telling us the world is “undeniably cooling.

The only climate change key-risk assessment that matters to this government is what the IPCC contrived under a United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Article-2 diktat in its Fifth Assessment Report (AR5, see Minister Shaw’s letter) linked only to theoretical anthropogenic global warming (AGW). This UN-diktat resulted in the erroneous dismissal of catastrophic natural climate change risks most relevant to the 21st century, just to eliminate any cooling contestation to the IPCC’s policy-directing Representative Concentration Pathway global warming scenarios. The Ministry for the Environment’s National Climate Change Risk Assessment (NCCRA, NCCRAF master templates) was also constrained by this UNFCCC Article-2 dictated risk-framework and predetermined the theoretical anthropogenic global warming risks upfront, before dressing it up with a Maori name (“Arotakenga Huringa Āhuarangi”) and then giving it to the assessment team.

The expert credentials of anyone promoting the IPCC’s Article 1 and 2 dictated sham-science and key-risk assessment are called into question if they failed to critically review all 4,931 pages of AR5 against the unfiltered climate data and science detailing our catastrophic natural climate change history back to the Holocene Climate Optimum, and thus failed to;

  1. Realize the major fabrication of global warming by UK and US government agencies (MetOffice, NOAA, NASA), evidenced by subtracting the post-1990 global climate index versions from the current versions. These fabricated global climate indices are those used by the IPCC and New Zealand’s government (MFE) to manipulate public opinion and justify policy.
  2. Realize that global atmospheric temperatures declined 0.47°C between early 2016 and mid-2019, while carbon dioxide (CO2) increased 2.8%. In AR5 the IPCC projected a 2016-2035 global mean surface temperature (GMST) increase of 0.3°C-0.7°C, meaning its policy-directing forecast is in error.
  3. Refute the IPCC’s radiative forcing theory based on its three-decade legacy for generating highly inaccurate climate forecasts (AR5)1986-1998; 84% under-forecasted the GMST. 1998-2012; 97% over-forecasted GMST, while 100% failed to predict the 15-year climate hiatus (no GMST increase) during this same period when CO2 increased by 8.0%. Points 2 and 3 clearly show the IPCC theory is unable to predict the GMST and its natural oscillations.
  4. Realize the modern era’s natural warming phase actually started in the depths of the Little Ice Age (early 1700s) and long before significant human greenhouse gas emissions. This fact of data is veiled from public view by the IPCC’s reliance on fabricated global climate indices that started between 1850 and 1880CE i.e., UNFCCC Article 1 defined climate change and AGW hijacked/rebranded natural climate change.
  5. Reflect that a major glaciation started after the Holocene Climate Optimum, which tracked a 40-50Watt/m2 decline in solar irradiance over eight millennia (i.e., 15 times today’s putative human radiative forcing impact) and a near 5°C decline in Arctic/Antarctic ice core temperatures by 1700CE (20%/36% of their Holocene interglacial rise, in absolute terms). This glaciation peaked during the Little Ice Age, and its melt initiation preceded significant human activity. Despite five-millennia of glaciation up to the mid-19th century, the IPCC erroneously dismissed with virtual certainty the prospect of glaciation for the next 1,000 years.
  6. Refute the IPCC’s non-peer reviewed mini-theory that delayed the next ice age by an unprecedented 30,000-50,000 years, and to falsify its incorrect assumption that the last ice age ended ‘about 10,000 years ago.’ Minister James Shaw as minister of statistics ignored a major statistical oversight that would normally falsify this ice age delay theory on three counts, never mind its conflict with existing climate data.
  7. Critically question the IPCC’s key-risk assumption that climate change risk lessons from the Little Ice Age and rapid climate change events since just before the Holocene Climate Optimum, associated with famine, war, and epidemic related catastrophes, civilization destructions, and species extinctions, were not applicable today.
  8. Realize that the IPCC erroneously dismissed or omitted catastrophic natural climate change risks most relevant to the 21st century, and which have been in plentiful evidence over the last eight millennia, i.e., global cooling cycles, glaciation, climate-forcing volcanism, grand solar minimum related extremes of precipitation (±), rapid climate change, and pandemic influenza.
  9. Reflect the alternative 21st-century climate forecasts from leading solar activity scientists expert in climate change, who warn of a return to a Little Ice Age-like climate during this current grand solar minimum period. Is this why cold, snow and precipitation records are being shattered all around the world in 2019?
  10. Realize that a detailed correlation analysis between CO2 and the GMST does not support their cause and effect relationship. This explains the IPCC’s high forecast inaccuracy and why a correlation analysis was not provided in any IPCC Working Group 1 report since 1990.
  11. Realize governments and corporates only have fifty years of ‘proven’ oil and gas reserves on their balance sheets, which is insufficient to generate the full 21st-century global warming that we are fear-mongered with, let alone delay an ice age. With reserves-to-production for oil and gas being less than 100% for most of the last 40 years, peak discovery is history. As such, all IPCC climate forecasts are technically invalidated.

On the basis of points 1-11 the IPCC’s radiative forcing (RF) theory, forecasts, and key-risk assessment would normally be refuted and replaced had the climate science field not been corrupted by UNFCCC Articles 1 and 2, IPCC processes and procedures, government-directed academic funding, and other factors.

In the event of an unmitigated 21st-century natural climate change catastrophe, blindly-following UN member state governments, the international scientific community, and the world’s media could be considered complicit in a UN/IPCC-led strategic genocide (“genocide”), consequent to this corruption. By implementing dubious UN global strategies into national policy and strategies this government places our nation and economy at risk (i.e., (1) IPCC/NCCRA; unmitigated catastrophic natural climate change risks. (2) WHO/MOH; enforcing our vulnerability to pandemic influenza during this high-risk grand solar minimum period by following an obsolete global vaccine strategy), while undermining our nation’s self-determinism and sovereignty.

Because the 1988 UNFCCC Article 1 and 2 dictated sham-science paradigm dominates New Zealand academia and tertiary miseducation the request to investigate this corruption is relevant to the minister of education and to the university vice chancellors. The high-possibility for 21st-century genocide resulting from United Nations global strategies benefiting from this corruption and being implemented by this government make this request a legal and human rights issue relevant to the minister of justice and the attorney general. The fact New Zealand’s media have failed to investigate this corruption, which sees our Prime Minister and minister of climate change publicly lie in contradiction to the climate data, makes this request relevant to the minister of broadcasting, communications and digital media – and the Prime Minister herself.

The following attached documents will show you exactly where to look in AR5’s 4,931 pages to see the IPCC’s incriminating disclosures and will help you understand the natural climate change risks, data, and science that was filtered out by the IPCC’s corruptive process.

  1. Scientific Refutation (MS Word):
  2. Slide deck (PDF):

See my credentials below my signature.

Thank you.

Dr. Carlton Brown BVSc (Massey University) MBA (London Business School)

Advocate for Natural Climate Change Risk-Mitigation: Switching to Renewable Energy, and Implementing Centralized/Decentralized Sustainable Development and Prepandemic Influenza Immunization (Urgently)
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My research credentials and link to pandemic influenza, climate change, and earth system risks: See my LinkedIn profile.

I am a New Zealand graduated veterinarian (Massey University, 1987), with an MBA (London Business School, 1997) and commercial background in human life sciences (UK; Pharma, Biotech, Investment Banking). As co-founding CEO/co-lead scientist of Immune Targeting Systems Ltd, I spent a decade directing the innovation and development of a universal pandemic influenza vaccine able to immunologically target all potential pandemic influenza-A strains in a genetically diverse human population. The company also assessed the broadly cross-reactive antibody responses (able to target emerging viral mutants) of all regulatory approved vaccine adjuvants in combination with influenza hemagglutinin antigens (i.e., seasonal and pandemic influenza vaccine antigens). As CEO I raised NZ$47million from European life-science investors and directed the vaccine technology innovation and development from inception to human proof-of-concept clinical studies, including breaking a global monopoly on the conduct of human influenza challenge studies. The company was sold in 2015.

That vaccine innovation project catalyzed my interest in influenza viral mutation epidemiology, and the role of Arctic migrating birds carrying pre-pandemic influenza-A viruses into cyclical extremes of electromagnetism, geomagnetism, and natural climate change during their summer migration. This resulted in the discovery that pandemic influenza outbreaks since 1500CE (the Little Ice Age) biased 11-year solar minimum/maximum periods, and grand solar minimum periods linked to Arctic cooling and glaciation. This discovery was facilitated by analyzing more than 100 data sets and many permutations of correlations between solar electromagnetism and magnetism, geomagnetism, climate change, glaciation, volcanism, and influenza pandemics, which made the lie about anthropogenic global warming and the error of our glacial cycle stage blatantly obvious.

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