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Dear Club of Rome members (copying World Media)

As the reputed strategic and intellectual guardians against existential threats to our global society, and before developing your Climate Emergency Plan, did you critically review ‘all’ the IPCC 5th Assessment Report (AR5) documents (4,931 pages) that your UN-cloned strategy refers to?

If so, then how do you justify a climate emergency plan knowing that the IPCC dismissed or omitted catastrophic natural climate change risks from its key-risk assessment? How do you explain the global/hemispheric cooling presently underway since 2016, Greenland’s glacier and snow mass expansions, and the seven-year above average trend for the end-of-summer snow cover extent in the Northern Hemisphere?

Incriminatingly the IPCC: (see the endnote IPCC quoted disclosures and supporting science contained in the attached Word document in support of the following overview. Sent to 890 IPCC staff and scientists)

  • Disclosed its theory refuting 30-year legacy of generating highly inaccurate global temperature (GMST) forecasts (i.e., 1986-1998; 84% understated, 1998-2012; 97% overstated), including missing the 1998-2012 temperature hiatus while carbon dioxide (CO2) increased by 7.4%. In AR5 the IPCC projected a 2016-2035 GMST rise of 0.3-0.7°C, which did not reflect any volcanic activity or secular changes in solar activity (i.e., cooling factors). The HadCRUT4 climate data shows the 2016-2018 GMST declined 0.2°C, while CO2 increased 1.2%, rendering the IPCC’s AR5 forecast erroneous from its outset.
  • Disclosed that it only assessed key climate risks relative to UNFCCC Article 2 (i.e. anthropogenic global warming—AGW). To aid this constrained-contrived key-risk assessment the IPCC dismissed or omitted natural climate change risks (i.e., global cooling, glaciation, climate-forcing volcanism, rapid climate change) that undermined its 21st century global warming forecasts. Natural climate change risks are the most relevant risks for this current grand solar minimum period, 8,000 years after the Arctic’s Holocene Climate Optimum, and at the end of this extreme Arctic warming phase that is ‘in all probability’ switching to its long overdue cooling-glaciation mode (P-value < 0.05). (See the slide deck below)
  • Erroneously dismissed or omitted the catastrophic history of the Little Ice Age and the science/data known about this period (i.e., grand solar minimum associated cooling, glaciation, climate-forcing volcanism, and weather extremes, as well as the incomprehensible human mortality linked to famine, disease, and wars). Likewise, the IPCC omitted to detail the catastrophic history of rapid climate change events (cooling) that took place just before and since the Holocene Climate Optimum, which decimated ancient civilizations and caused mammalian species extinctions.
  • Erroneously and perilously changed the ice age boundaries (without peer review scrutiny) by stating the next ice age won’t start for an unprecedented and refutable 30,000 years (AR4) and then 50,000 years (AR5), and that the last ice age ended ‘about 10,000 years ago.’ According to the data the last ice age ended 19,000-24,000 years ago, and by 10,000 years ago the global sea level had already risen 80% and the temperature 90% of their total Holocene interglacial rise. These so called ‘robust findings’ are intended to eliminate any scientific contestation (i.e., cooling) to the IPCC’s four emission related global warming scenarios. This ‘inadvertently’ eliminates our correct glacial cycle bearing and veils the catastrophic natural climate change risks on our 21st century horizon.
  • Further disorients our glacial cycle bearing by failing to disclose that this GMST/Arctic/Northern Hemisphere temperature rise since 1880 CE actually started centuries beforehand, as part of a natural centennial-scale warming phase. Moreover, the IPCC omitted the data and science demonstrating that today’s temperature is lower, and the Polar ice mass greater, than at the Holocene Climate Optimum millennia ago. Earth entered a new ice age in the Poles after the Holocene Climate Optimum via a series of devolving climate oscillations (i.e., warm then cold phases), with polar glacier size peaking during the Little Ice Age after 5,000 years of ice build up. Much of this glacier ice build up melted since the mid-19th century, with melt initiation preceding significant human activity. This current extreme Arctic warming phase that started in 1700 CE will in all probability fall abruptly in temperature upon switching to its cooling mode (P-value <0.05). (See the slide deck below)
  • Omitted to disclose that leading solar activity scientists have warned of a return to a Little Ice Age-like climate during this grand solar minimum period. (See the slide deck below)
  • Erroneously dismissed or omitted mechanisms of natural climate change control in operation since time immemorial and prior to the UNFCCC Article 1 and 2 enforced scientific dictatorship (1988). These omissions include secular changes in solar irradiance and magnetism, geomagnetism, cosmic rays and cloud cover, climate-forcing volcanism, and atmospheric-ocean circulations, among other things. This explains the IPCC’s high forecast inaccuracy and its inability to forecast multi-annual- to decadal-scale climate oscillations.
  • Confirmed that we only have decades of ‘proven’ oil and gas reserves left (AR4-5), which is the real reason for fear mongering us with dangerous AGW and targeting zero-emissions by 2050. If you analyze the fossil fuel reserve data, you will see we have insufficient ‘proven’ oil and gas reserves to create the 21st century global warming that we are being fear mongered with. Oddly, this fact was/is never emphasized.


The validity of the IPCC climate risk mitigation plan is completely undermined based on: its biassed and dangerous Article 2 contrivance-restriction, its dismissal or omission of catastrophic natural climate change risks relevant to the 21st century, and the inability of its radiative forcing theory and climate models to accurately forecast the GMST over the last 30 years.  

Exacerbating this Article 1 and 2 enabled scientific corruption is WHO’s Global Influenza Strategy. This WHO-led global strategy fails to address the fundamental issue faced with 2009’s swine flu pandemic. Irrespective of global vaccine production capacity the vaccine industry, governments, and WHO will be unable to equitably supply sufficient pandemic influenza vaccine to achieve global- or country-level herd immunity before the peak of a pandemic, when this need not be the case.
In light of both the IPCC and WHO strategic plans, and the catastrophes they are meant to prevent, the obvious question arises: “Is there a stealth plan to allow natural climate change catastrophes, including pandemic influenza, to depopulate the planet during the 21st century to achieve a more sustainable level of population?”

Please read the second half of “Revolution: Ice Age Re-Entry” (see link below) for a risk-mitigation plan relevant for the 21st century natural climate change risks that we will face, and before we exhaust proven oil and gas reserves in the cold decades ahead. This climate emergency plan embraces best-practice methods for sustainably securing renewable energy, water and food in climate extremes, and is relevant for government and municipality leaders, and people living at home.

You can find a copy of this email online along with the comprehensively cited email sent to the IPCC (via David Etheridge), and to 890 IPCC Working Group scientists and IPCC/WMO/UNEP/UNFCCC management (see endnote 222 for its recipients).
Does the Club of Rome want this kind of blood on its hands? Read this Word document to see the incriminating IPCC disclosures that you have overlooked (end notes), and the slide deck below so you can understand our 21st century ice age re-entry predicament.


Kind regards

Dr. Carlton Brown BVSc MBA
Advocate/Activist for Natural Climate Change Risk-Mitigation; Switching to Renewable Energy, and Implementing Decentralized Sustainable Development and Prepandemic Influenza Immunization (Pronto).
FreeBook “Revolution: Ice age Re-entry”: Amazon (, Google Play (, Kobo (, and Researchgate PDF (

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