Subject: Follow up: email sent to the Prime Minister, Deputy PM, and the Climate Change and Health Ministers
Date: July 17, 2019 at 9:08:26 PM GMT+12

Dear New Zealand Media

You were copied in an email today sent to members of our government, including the Prime Minister, Deputy PM, and the Climate Change and Health Ministers (see below).

Would you please investigate this important public safety issue pertaining to natural climate change and the catastrophic risks most relevant to the 21st century, that were dismissed/omitted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in its 5th Assessment Report (AR5)?

The public have a right to know that the IPCC erroneously dismissed/omitted catastrophic natural climate change risks from its UNFCCC Article 2 contrived-enforced key-risk assessment (left unmitigated), and erroneously-perilously altered the immutable ice age boundaries (start and finish) to eliminate any contestation to its 21st century global warming/emissions scenarios, while disclosing its high temperature forecast inaccuracy (84-97%) spanning 30 years. If normal science were operating, that high forecast inaccuracy would refute its theory, its forecasts, and the validity of its key-risk assessment.

I am sure our farmers would appreciate knowing that anthropogenic global warming hijacked a natural warming phase that started in the early 18th century, long before significant human and livestock greenhouse gas emissions. Likewise, a 300 year correlation analysis does not support the alleged carbon dioxide-temperature relationship, which explains why the IPCC omitted to provide this since 1990, instead using UNFCCC Articles 1 and 2 to enforce its sham-science paradigm. The climate indices used by the IPCC to inform governments and fear monger us were heavily altered by UK/USA government agencies to accentuate the recent warming while diminishing the pre-1970 cooling periods. A PDF summary presentation (reviews the prior issues), IPCC quoted-incriminating disclosures, and an email sent to the IPCC/890 working group scientists refuting its theory, forecasts and key risk assessment, are provided below.

The above means that our government has not mitigated the the natural climate change risks that we will be exposed to in the coming years-decades, and that our Minister of Health (MoH) is unaware of the increased risk of an influenza pandemic (for decades) linked to this grand solar minimum and the colder climate/Arctic ice expansion this portends. This pandemic risk is exacerbated by our governments reliance on WHO’s global influenza vaccine supply/immunization strategy that leaves humanity vulnerable to a pandemic, when this need not be the case. The Advanced Purchase Agreement the MoH relies on will see only 150,000 essential-elite Kiwis immunized, but only after a pandemic peaks (once recieved), with a vaccine that will most likely be rendered largely ineffective due to ongoing viral mutation associated with the second and third waves of attack.

Please look at the decline in global temperature since 2016 (HadCRUT4, left hand columns, NOAA,, and view the Arctic covered in sea ice via a NASA satellite. This sea ice explains why Russia is building a fleet of nuclear ice breakers for the decades ahead, and how an Arctic fox walked from Norway to Canada in less than 3 months.

Two United Nations (UN) organizations (IPCC, WHO) champion global strategies meant to safeguard humanity, where in reality these strategies will achieve the opposite effect during the 21st century. Did it ever occur to you that population control is conspicuous by its absence from the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs)? This absence comes despite “maintaining a sustainable level of population” being a key objective of the Brundtland Report that helped inspire those SDGs.

How do you think New Zealanders are going to react knowing our government and media knew of all this?

Please would you investigate this important issue on behalf of the New Zealand public and make them aware of the safety issues and stimulate public debate? I am available to help, at your request. In the meantime this email (including its recipients) will be placed online on the following page

Thank you.

Kind regards

Carlton Brown

Advocate/Activist for Natural Climate Change Risk-Mitigation: Switching to Renewable Energy, and Implementing Decentralized Sustainable Development and Prepandemic Influenza Immunization (Pronto)
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