Dear António Guterres (UN Secretary General) and his Leadership Team (sent by email 28/08/2019)

Your organization via the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) presides over a monstrous corruption of “normal science.” This UNFCCC Article 1 and 2-led corruption resulted in the dismissal or omission of catastrophic natural climate change risks from the IPCC’s key-risk assessment provided to governments (2014). In the event of an unmitigated natural climate change catastrophe this corruption could constitute an act of genocide, majorly impacting the developing nations, the world’s poor, the northern nations, and those nations without a pandemic influenza vaccine manufacturing capability.

To the thousands of government, intergovernmental, human rights and other stakeholders blind-copied in this email it is crucial you comprehend the IPCC’s incriminating disclosures, irrespective of any UN attempt to discredit this information or me. Please report this to your Governments so this global human safety issue can be investigated.

The following hyperlinked document constitutes a scientific refutation of the IPCC’s Article 1 and 2-dictated key-risk assessment. The IPCC’s highly inaccurate climate forecasts falsify its radiative forcing theory, which invalidates its Article 2 contrived key-risk assessment (2014; AR5). With global temperatures declining 0.47°C since early 2016, eight millennia after the Arctic’s Holocene Climate Optimum, it is worrying that we are being fear-mongered with regionally biased hot summer weather reports that hide this global atmospheric and tropospheric cooling fact.

In 2014s Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) the IPCC incriminatingly (see document links below):

  1. Projected a 2016-2035 global temperature increase of 0.3°C-0.7°C. Since early 2016 the global temperature declined 0.47°C while CO2 increased 2.8%. António Guterres stated at Monday’s G7 meeting, “2015 to 2019 are on track to be the five hottest years ever recorded” (according to the WMO).This “five hottest years” is synonymous with a 2.5-year rise and 2.5-year decline, but he failed to disclose this global cooling fact.
  2. Disclosed its highly inaccurate climate forecasts: 1986-1998; 84% under-forecasted the global mean surface temperature (GMST). 1998-2012; 97% over-forecasted GMST while 100% failed to predict the 15-year climate hiatus during a period when CO2 increased 8.0%. Carbon dioxide’s rise is known to have lagged behind the temperature rise by 9-12 months during this same three decade period. Points 1 and 2 collectively refute the IPCC’s forecasts and its underlying theory.
  3. Failed to inform governments and society that this global warming phase started in the early 1700s, long before significant human greenhouse gas emissions. This indicates something else ‘controlled’ this 300+ year warming phase (i.e., solar activity; irradiance and magnetized solar wind).
  4. Disclosed its use of global climate indices, that are known to have been sequentially altered by US/UK government agencies. These alterations accentuated the recent global warming, making government agency employees the biggest contributor to ‘anthropogenic’ global warming.
  5. Assessed only key-risks relative to UNFCCC Article 2 (anthropogenic global warming, AGW), while it erroneously dismissed or omitted 21st century-probable catastrophic risks: global cooling, glaciation, climate-forcing volcanism, rapid climate change, and geographically variable climate extremes linked to this grand solar minimum period.
  6. Erroneously delayed the next ice by an unprecedented 30,000-50,000 years, while stating the last ice age ended ‘about 10,000 years ago.’ (both readily falsified)
  7. Erroneously dismissed or omitted key scientific lessons associated with the Little Ice Age and the rapid climate change events since just before the Holocene Climate Optimum (see point 5’s risks) linked to climate change, famine, war, or epidemic related catastrophes, civilization destructions and species extinctions.
  8. Omitted to disclose that leading solar activity scientists expert in climate change have warned of a return to a Little Ice Age-like climate during this current grand solar minimum period.
  9. Omitted to explain the significant glaciation that was initiated at both Poles after the Holocene Climate Optimum, from about five millennia ago. This glaciation peaked during the Little Ice Age, and its early-19th century melt initiation preceded significant human activity. Despite this 5,000 years of glaciation the IPCC dismissed with virtual certainty the prospect of glaciation for the next 1,000 years.
  10. Confirmed without emphasis that we only have decades of ‘proven’ oil and gas reserves left. Fifty-plus years of proven oil and gas reserves are insufficient to generate the full 21st century global warming that we are fear-mongered with, let alone delay an ice age.

The UN’s attempt to switch the world’s energy system is laudable, but not at the expense of leaving catastrophic risks unmitigated. The UN’s AGW fear-mongering is poorly effective at switching the world’s energy system. This ineffectiveness is evidenced by the low single-digit market share for non-hydroelectric renewables in the world’s primary energy mix and its modest 10-year compound annual growth rate, despite decades of effort and trillions of investment-subsidy dollars. Atmospheric carbon dioxide’s unabated rise further highlights the UN/IPCC’s strategic ineffectiveness.

The world needs a new climate change theory to support our essential energy system switch and sustainable development goals, which galvanizes a global sense of unity and commitment to act with urgency. The following scientific revelation will be far more effective at achieving that unified committment than AGW fear-mongering.

Earth’s ice age entry after the Holocene Climate Optimum millennia ago, our probable 21st century ice age re-entry (P-value <0.05), and a host of catastrophic natural climate change related risks during this grand solar minimum period are clearly evident by analyzing the full repertoire of climate, solar activity, volcanic eruption, and pandemic influenza outbreak data (see this data by downloading the hyperlinked Scientific Refutation Document and accompanying Slide Deck PDF Summary). This widely cited peer reviewed data and its basic analysis is missing from the IPCC’s biased key-risk assessment.

What are you going to do about this preventable genocide António Guterres?

Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Dr. Carlton Brown BVSc (Massey University, NZ) MBA (London Business School)

Advocate/Activist for Natural Climate Change Risk-Mitigation: Switching to Renewable Energy, and Implementing Decentralized/Centralized Sustainable Development and Prepandemic Influenza Immunization (Urgently)
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