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Link to a scientific refutation of the IPCC’s climate change key-risk assessment (5th Assessment Report) Scientific Refutation of the IPCC’s Article 1&2 dictated Key Risk Assessment_Royal Society Te Apārangi Council


Dear Royal Society Te Apārangi Council, and New Zealand University Leadership, Councils and Committees (and the BCC-ed)

You are requested to investigate the systematic corruption of normal-science by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and its impact on New Zealand academic climate and associated sciences. The IPCC’s climate- and risk-science is promoted as representing a consensus of the international scientific community, which New Zealand crown and academic scientists have contributed to.

This UNFCCC Article 1 and 2-led corruption resulted in the dismissal or omission of catastrophic natural climate change risks relevant to the 21st century (Fifth Assessment Report, AR5). This corruption also eliminated our correct glacial cycle bearing on today’s climate, and permitted society’s manipulation with biased weather reports that hide the natural climate change truth. In the event of a natural climate change catastrophe this corruption could constitute an act of genocide.

Please find attached a fully cited scientific refutation of the IPCC’s key-risk assessment. For clarity, UNFCCC Article 1’s definition of climate change is fundamentally different to natural climate change, as are the key-risks.

Given Minister James Shaw’s policy defining beliefs in AR5, conveyed to me by email, he was asked in reply how he could reconcile his beliefs with the following incriminating AR5 disclosures. The IPCC (summary);

  1. Projected a 2016-2035 global temperature increase of 0.3°C-0.7°C. Between early 2016 and mid-2019 the global temperature declined 0.47°C while CO2 increased 2.8% (average of 4 global climate indices).
  2. Disclosed its highly inaccurate climate forecasts: 1986-1998; 84% under-forecasted the global mean surface temperature (GMST). 1998-2012; 97% over-forecasted GMST while 100% failed to predict the 15-year climate hiatus during this period, when CO2 increased 8.0%. Carbon dioxide’s rise is known by science to have lagged behind the temperature rise by 9-12 months during this same three decade period.
  3. Failed to inform governments that this warming phase started in the early 1700s, long before significant human greenhouse gas emissions. This indicates something else ‘controlled’ this centennial-scale warming, and therefore a UNFCCC Article 2 diktat does not control the key-risks.
  4. Disclosed its use of global climate indices, that have been sequentially altered by US/UK government agencies since 1990. These index fabrications accentuated the recent global warming, making government agencies the biggest contributor to ‘anthropogenic’ global warming.
  5. Omitted to explain the significant glaciation that was initiated at both Poles after the Holocene Climate Optimum, from about five millennia ago, which tracked a 40-50Watt/m^2 decline in solar irradiance (@65°N) and a 5°C decline in polar ice core temperatures by 1700CE (i.e., 20% of the Arctic’s absolute interglacial temperature rise). This glaciation peaked during the Little Ice Age, and its early-19th century melt initiation preceded significant human activity. Despite these (de)glaciation facts, the IPCC dismissed with virtual certainty the prospect of glaciation for the next 1,000 years.
  6. Erroneously delayed the next ice by an unprecedented 30,000-50,000 years, while stating the last ice age ended ‘about 10,000 years ago’ (both falsifiable). As Minister of Statistics and Climate Change, James Shaw ignored a major statistical oversight that would normally falsify this critical risk-linked assumption, on three counts.
  7. Only assessed key-risks relative to UNFCCC Article 2 (i.e., theoretical anthropogenic global warming), while it dismissed or omitted catastrophic natural climate change risks most relevant to the 21st century i.e., global cooling, glaciation, climate-forcing volcanism, rapid climate change, and pandemic influenza.
  8. Erroneously dismissed key scientific lessons associated with the Little Ice Age and the rapid climate change events since just before the Holocene Climate Optimum (see point 7’s risks), linked to climate change, and its associated famine, war, and epidemic related catastrophes, civilization destructions and species extinctions.
  9. Omitted to disclose that leading solar activity scientists expert in climate change have warned of a return to a Little Ice Age-like climate during this current grand solar minimum period.
  10. Confirmed that we only have decades of ‘proven’ oil and gas reserves left. Fifty-plus years of proven oil and gas reserves are insufficient to generate the full 21st century global warming that we are fear-mongered with, let alone delay an ice age. With reserves-to-production for oil and gas being less than 100% for most of the last 40 years, peak discovery is history.

If normal science were operating in the climate science field, the IPCC’s radiative forcing theory, forecasts and its key-risk assessment would be falsified.

Earth’s ice age entry after the Holocene Climate Optimum millennia ago, our ‘probable’ 21st century ice age re-entry (P-value <0.05), and a host of catastrophic natural climate change related risks linked to grand solar minimum periods are clearly evident by analyzing the full repertoire of climate, solar activity, volcanic eruption, and pandemic influenza outbreak data (see attached).

While I am sure NZ academia is loathe to speak out against this politicized corruption of ‘normal-science’, as it holds its hand out for government funding, I am here to remind New Zealand science’s governing body, university leadership, and climate science academia that in the event of a natural climate change catastrophe (pandemic influenza included), NZ academia could be complicit in crimes against humanity.

What are you going to do about re-asserting scientific integrity over this politicized corruption of normal science, and ensuring the future safety of New Zealanders and our economy?

Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Dr. Carlton Brown BVSc (Massey University) MBA (London Business School)

Advocate for Natural Climate Change Risk-Mitigation: Switching to Renewable Energy, and Implementing Decentralized/Centralized Sustainable Development and Prepandemic Influenza Immunization (Urgently)
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