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Name: Carlton Brown



Comment: Dear Helen Clark


As a member of the Club of Rome (Madrid) I omitted to include you in the following hyperlinked email sent to the main Club of Rome members on the 27/05/2019. As our former Prime Minister, I believe this is important for you to know.


1) See Email: “Club of Rome Climate Emergency Plan is Flawed” (i.e., based on its theory-refuting high forecast inaccuracy (84-97%), the IPCC’s dismissal/omission of natural climate change risks relevant to the 21st century, the IPCC’s contrived Article 2 dictated key-risk assessment, and its erroneous-unsafe alteration to the ice age boundaries which disorients governments to the significance of today’s climate change, etc).


2) See Email: sent to Minister James Shaw, cc-ing 60 Ministers/MPs/Opposition, relating to his steadfast belief in the IPCC 5th Assessment Report’s biased evidence for anthropogenic global warming (AGW) and its UNFCCC Article 2 dictated key-risk assessment that dismisses/omits catastrophic natural climate change risks: (i), which refers to IPCC disclosures endnoted in the following email sent to the IPCC/890 Working Group scientists (i.e., a refutation of its theory, forecasts, and key-risk assessment based on science and data) (ii)


The significance of the above is that we have the wrong sense of urgency to switch energy systems and move to sustainable living (decentralized energy, water, food, and managing pollution/recycling, etc) before globally exhausting proven oil and gas reserves and facing catastrophic natural climate change risks in the years-decades ahead. Therefore, Zero-Emissions 2050 is a charade to do the right thing but for the wrong reasons and with the wrong sense of urgency, while accepting that catastrophic natural climate change (NCC) risks most pertinent to the 21st century have been veiled from common view.


This NCC risk dismissal is exacerbated by a bad WHO/NZ Ministry of Health pandemic influenza vaccine supply and immunization plan that leaves the World/NZ citizens fully vulnerable to a pandemic – when technologically this need not be the case. The sham-science of AGW veils the enhanced risks of a pandemic outbreak (H5N1, H7N9 etc.) linked to this grand solar minimum and the Arctic cold/ice expansion that we can expect in the first half of this century.


Compounding this enhanced/obscured pandemic risk is NZ’s reliance on an Advanced Purchase Agreement for a pandemic flu vaccine able to immunize only 150,000 essential-elite. Aside from being iniquitous, it will not deliver a vaccine before the peak of a pandemic or protect against ongoing viral mutation. NZ has other superior vaccine options outside the WHO-directed global plan for vaccine supply, which reflects key lessons from 2009’s swine flu vaccine supply debacle and vaccine technology advancement (my expertise).


Please accept a gift of my ebook “Revolution: Ice age Re-entry,” free on Amazon ( This is a weekly No.1 Best Seller in Sustainable Development Economics and represents a best-practice guide on mitigating the 21st-century natural climate risks while switching the world’s energy system before exhausting proven oil and gas reserves (i.e., decentralized/centralized energy, water, and climate-adapted food). This book is pitched at the level of central and local government, and people living at home. The first half of Revolution has been summarised in a Powerpoint presentation (


I would be happy to walk you through this, at your request.


Thank you
Kind regards
Dr. Carlton Brown BVSc MBA

Advocate/Activist for Natural Climate Change Risk-Mitigation: Switching to Renewable Energy, and Implementing Decentralized Sustainable Development and Prepandemic Influenza Immunization (Pronto)
FreeBook “Revolution: Ice age Re-entry”: Amazon (, Google Play (, Kobo (, and Researchgate (

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